Sunday, September 7, 2014

Dragon Masters #1: Rise of the Earth Dragon (A Branches Book) by Tracey West

Drake was just picking onions on the farm and had no idea why the King's knight wanted him.  Neither did his parents.  But you always obeyed the King!

Scholastic and Net Galley allowed me to read this book for review (thank you).  It has been published, so look for a copy now.

This book attracted me because it's about dragons.  I love dragons.  In this story, there are several varieties of dragons which makes it even more fun to read!  It's written for young readers with lots of illustrations, lots of action, and bursts of text.

There are three other Dragon Masters at the castle: two girls and one boy.  The girls are a bit standoffish, but Bo is a nice Asian boy who befriends Drake.  He sees the power of the other dragons and is impressed.  However, his dragon is brown and doesn't seem to do anything.  He does like having Drake close.  And Drake's pendant glows when he's around his dragon.  The others don't.  Why is he different?  As a matter of fact, why is his dragon different?

When they attempt to sneak out at night with their dragons, they get in big trouble.  It's a good thing Worm (Drake's dragon) can help them there.  You'll learn what Worm's talent is and you'll find out the castle is about to be attacked. I can't wait to read this next in this series and see who is attacking and how the dragons work in a fight.

Why not get a copy now so you'll be ready for the next book, too. 

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